Salt of the Earth πŸ§‚

A salt mine in Hutchinson, Kansas was a really cool tour. We spent 4 hours 650 feet underground learning all about salt mining. The salt mined here is used on winter roads, science applications, animal feed and salt for that home churned ice cream. The mine is 2.5 X 1.5 miles so far. There is enough salt to mine for the next 1,000 years! The old mined space is also used as a Strataca storage facility for movie films, movie props and various other items in the protection of this secure and dry environment. Salt is being dug in the mine about a 1/2 mile from our tour location. Enjoy your tour πŸ˜‰

Taking the tram

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9 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth πŸ§‚

  1. Wow !! Enough salt for 1,000 years ??!! I would have never guessed that such an atmosphere would be excellent storage for movie films, props, etc. Very interesting !


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