I have always been intrigued and admired the Corps of Discovery mission of Lewis and Clark. It’s fun to stop off at the sites where they camped as we travel. Today is a very cool bit of Serendipity. We are camped on the Missouri right across from where they camped on the exact same date on Sept 19, 1804! The Big Bend of the river is now incorporated into Sharp Lake at The Big Bend Dam. The visitor center at the Rest Stop, on I-90 near Chamberlain SD, has a very nice interpretive center with a keel boat replica incorporated into the architecture of the building.

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6 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Your Camp Spot is so very interesting and intriguing !! Did you feel any presence of those that camp opposite so very long ago? πŸ™‚ And to learn of their particular ‘adventure with the sandbar’ at this time in their journey….just amazing !!


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