Indian Fry Bread.

From the label :”When all the Buffalo were gone from the prairies, and the Plains Tribes were confined to reservations, the Indians were issued ” commodities” to survive. Out of the wheat flour that was so alien to their cook fires, these ingenious people created a wonderful new concept for bread. No yeast, shortening or salt. Each Indian mother has her own delicious recipe for fry bread. ” While shopping for a few staples, I ran across this at a local grocery. Couldn’t resist trying my hand at this type of bread. Everything from dessert to tacos to pizza can be made with this as a base. Used sparingly in our meal rotation of course πŸ˜‰

Fry Bread mix with squashes and corn from the Knife River Village garden patch that I visited last week.

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2 thoughts on “Indian Fry Bread.

  1. We stopped at a grill out of National battlefield and had fry read but it was just not our cup of tea… or bread. 😜


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