All Alone

As the camping season winds down, we often find that we have the campgrounds to ourselves. 120 sites here and only 6 occupied. We have no one but us on our loop. It’s has suddenly turned to Autumn to my pleasure. Beautifully cloudy evening stroll of 8,500 steps 😊

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

8 thoughts on “All Alone

    1. We are camping exclusively at Army Corp campgrounds on our way back to NC and GA. They are always wonderfully laid out and maintained. Always on the water too. A great deal also with our National Parks lifetime pass at 1/2 off for camping.


      1. Sent you an email a while back but I obviously don’t have correct email. Text me. We are in MO heading to
        SD. 7048802979


    1. It’s like we have a huge property all to ourselves. Great walking trails with interesting fall plants. I wish you could have camped with us at one of these wonderful places instead of that shabby state park in SC.


  1. GORGEOUS photos! And I just made it today into Mexico! Have met the most wonderful people, had such kind and friendly experiences, already, in just day one. So happy to be here! But I do miss the beautiful fall scenes such as yours!


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