Going to The Sun Road

There is lots of information online about this fabulous road through Glacier National Park. It goes across the center part of the park and has so many opportunities to pull off, breathe the clear mountain air and just take in the view. A wide variety of trailheads begin along this road so you can find something to suite your abilities and interests. Plan to spend the entire day even if you don’t hike. I have provided a link to my favorite blog about the road below.

Mile By Mile: Here’s What You’ll See on Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

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7 thoughts on “Going to The Sun Road

    1. We would have loved to be spry enough to hike to Grinnell Glacier on the Highline Trail. The only Glacier we saw was Jackson from a distance. Other park roads on the eastern side of the Continental Divide are closed due to COVID concerns in the Native Peoples Nations. The views all over the park were amazing though.


  1. Glacier National Park is beautiful from what I’ve seen and researched. I am a firm believer in Bigfoot (I know, I know…but I’m not alone) there are sightings all o era that part of the country. You guys will have to let us know if you ever see or hear anything! I WILL one get out there and check out the beauty and do some Squatchin’!


    1. People may not believe in Bigfoot but he believes in them 🤣 Almost every state we have visited has a Bigfoot story. We even went an “official” Bigfoot research center last summer in Littleton, NC. 😉


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