” The Last Best Place”

The visit to Montana has held a range of sights and experiences. This week has been kind of slow due to wildfire smoke. We haven’t been out much to explore. Earlier in August, we have seen stunning sunsets, rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, great roadhouses, interesting museums, wonderful campgrounds, vibrant wildflowers, well preserved historic places, scenic drives, ancient red cedars, Yellowstone geysers, floating houses, Wild West towns and friendly people. Tomorrow, we will visit The Crown of the Continent … Glacier National Park. Not all of the park is open but enough to make it very worthwhile. We plan to drive Going To The Sun Road and stop off at each overlook that has a parking space, walk The Trail of Cedars and the shores of Lake McDonald to see the clear waters and multicolored lake stones. We still have 2 more weeks to explore the eastern half of this state. . Montana has many mottos but this one fits well.

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10 thoughts on “” The Last Best Place”

  1. I was just thinking about you and wondering what was happening, and then here is this post! Glad you’ll get to see Glacier National Park, and sorry to hear about all the smoke you’ve been experiencing!


    1. The smoke has really caused me some problems if we stay outside longer than an hour. We get out each day to walk but hiking at altitude with smoke is out of the question. It’s still been a good week to do projects inside the RV and enjoy good meals and reading. We even have good internet so we can stream movies when we get bored. Not too bad of a way to rest and relax. Will you be in Flagstaff much longer?


    1. Traveling is a life I dreamed of but never could figure out how to make it happen with our work and other responsibilities. Old age has its freedoms as long as you are healthy and able to enjoy change.


  2. Bucket list! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Maybe you’ll have the park and road all to yourselves 🚙 ☀️


    1. If we let the early birds enjoy the sweet spots then we might have less traffic to deal with later. Most guides say to arrive early but our thinking is that later will make prettier pictures and maybe less people. They will all be worn out and go on home 😉


  3. I remember when I was there and took a swim in the ice cold glacier melt water. I don’t know what the temp was but it was very cold.


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