3 Cheers for The ❤️ 🤍💙

Just a little hello from the nomads to our Peeps. Today is moving day so we will find some more cool stuff to post after we get settled. Probably will try Glacier NP if our research shows it’s open enough to enjoy.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

8 thoughts on “3 Cheers for The ❤️ 🤍💙

  1. Hello, Lovely Lucky LoveBirds 🙂 Great to see your photos as always. I am leaving FB and am mostly over at MeWe now. It’s a great social media platform that doesn’t do what FB does. I still have to download all my pics and files off of the fB platform, if I can figure out how to do that. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time over at Glacier NP, and I look forward to seeing the pics 🙂


    1. There has been a mass exodus from FB. People are getting wiser and finding a better way. I have almost as many of my peeps here as I did on FB and I know they take the trouble to go to this site. I love being able to control my space!

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    1. That’s great to know. We don’t want to be this close and not enjoy what we can. Traffic was a big issue last month with some entrances closed. I think it has improved now.


    1. The sunset photos were wonderful to take but this week the wildfires to the south are making the colors hazy. Might be a good style… Maybe a nice one tonight. We have moved to another camp that does not have a water view but we can drive a mile to McGregor Lake to see the sunset over the water.


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