Sacred Spaces

I am always drawn to places of worship as we travel. Whether it is a Sweat Lodge, Temple, Church, Mosque or other space. While reading a book about women of the West, I came across the story of the Coeur D’Alene Tribe woman, Siuwheen , who was instrumental in leading her people to the Catholic faith. She also encouraged them to build this church under the guidance of Father DeSmet. I had a desire to see the church so I did a search for its location. Can you believe it was only 25 miles away! It is the oldest building in Idaho. Sacred Heart of Jesus Mission Church built around 1850 with wattle and daub walls, local timbers and stone and pegs. This is why we travel πŸ’™ Serendipity πŸ’™

Set beautifully on a hilltop

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