My Oh My Fry Sauce ❤️

I think I’m in love. The waitress today offered ketchup, ranch or fry sauce. Never having tried fry sauce, I thought “bring it on”. This stuff is seriously good. What better way to celebrate our first day in Idaho than with some of their finest potato fries and this sauce?

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

9 thoughts on “My Oh My Fry Sauce ❤️

    1. Hey Sweet Lady! I should have posted the huge basket of fries and the 2 beers that went with it 😉 I’m glad we are leaving this RV park tomorrow, those fries and sauce were WAY too good.


  1. If you’ll be near the Boise area, my sister Theresa Thornton lives there. She was briefly at the Baker Reunion in San Antonio. (208) 440 2580. Peggy


  2. Fry sauce is awesome. Where in Idaho? I’m in potlatch until Saturday but could stay until Sunday. The gentleman at scenic 6 RV park has let us stay for a few days for much needed rest. Hwy 6 and hwy 95. Only 30 bucks a night for RV’ers.


    1. We are in Wallace until Saturday, then move up north of Cour D’alene. Funny! We we had a reservation for Scenic 6 before all this virus changed all our plans. Nice guy and offered a senior discount of $25 for us. Too bad our route had to change but we still have seen some cool stuff. Sorry not to see you though ❤️


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